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Customer Service: Bob and Sharon were in the Corporate World for many years and were blessed to be able to travel to many beautiful places abroad and in the United States. In 2007, we decided that we wanted our friends to be able to experience some of the joys we had experienced by being able to travel to some of those places. After taking several trips with friends, one of them mentioned that we should offer our travel experience as a company. At that point, we began taking Travel Classes and attending seminars. Education continues to be an integral part of our staying abreast of the latest travel opportunities and learning the latest technology.

We are your neighbors instead of an impersonal voice thousands of miles away. Cy-Fair is our home along with some of our children and grandchildren. We are members of local Cy-Fair organizations and very active in the community.  We have working relationships with hundreds of travel wholesalers, cruise lines, resorts, hotels and tour companies to make sure you get where you want to go, when you want to go and for the best value. Our fees are paid by the wholesaler, most of the time. Service fees are only added for extensive itineraries that require more than normal preparation time.

We work for our clients, not for the travel supplier. If you have a problem, we are there to act on your behalf to see that your travel plans are completed as you expected. If for some reason your travel plans are not furnished as expected we are there to see that restitution is made.

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